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  • 36PCS 10W RGBW 4IN1 high power Moving Head Light
36PCS 10W RGBW 4IN1 high power Moving Head Light

36PCS 10W RGBW 4IN1 high power Moving Head Light

  • Product description: 36PCS 10W RGBW 4IN1 high power leds

Products description:

36 X 10 w RGBW four high power leds

An average of 100000 hours of super-long LED life, low energy consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection LED

DMX channel 16 international standards
Three kinds of control mode: DMX signal control/master-slave/acoustic model
Horizontal: 540 ° or 630 ° (16 bit precision scan)
Vertical scanning: 265 ° (16 bit precision scan)
High-speed electronic control stroboscopic can reach 1 - or random stroboscopic 25 times/SEC
Tuned optical channels can be controlled at the same time four primary colors of light and shade change and close the light
Uniform RGBA color mixture system and rainbow effect, can be obtained by white LED color temperature regulators are more rich and colorful color
Beautiful blue and white liquid crystal display
There are eight built-in programs to choose from, can run automatically can be controlled by external control table
Flare Angle: the Angle of focusing, 5-60
Power supply: AC100 ~ 240 v, 50/60 hz
Packing size: 46 x33. 5 x38. 5 cm
Net weight: 9 KGS gross weight: 11 KGS

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